Be Smart. Be Safe.

Resources for safety at home and at work. 

It is important to talk about safety both at home and at work. Opening the lines of communication regarding safety will help foster and build closer relationships and encourage good habits. Below are a few of the top safety topics to get the discussions started. 


  1. Fall protection
  2. Operating heavy equipment
  3. Back safety / proper lifting techniques
  4. Traffic control safety
  5. Proper signage for closing roads/lanes 
  6. Power and hand tool safety
  7. Welding /cutting safety
  8. Compressed gas cylinder safety
  9. Ladder and scaffold safety
  10. Respiratory protection
  11. Hearing conservation
  12. Eye and face protection 
  13. Head protection
  14. Hand and foot protection
  15. Inclement weather safety
  16. Trenching / shoring
  17. Temporary lighting
  18. Machine guarding
  19. Hazard communication
  20. Confined space entry


  1. Gun safety
  2. Internet safety
  3. Fire safety
  4. Stranger danger
  5. How to use 911
  6. Bullying
  7. Phone/Texting safety
  8. Distracted driving
  9. Sex education and safe boundaries
  10. Poisoning prevention and safety
  11. Food handling safety
  12. Age appropriate first aid concepts
  13. Bicycle safety
  14. Playground safety
  15. Smoking and drug use


Guarantee Tomorrow is an EH&S Initiative of Americas Styrenics, LLC.